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queenoffantasysdreams asked:

Hi! Got a few questions actually. First, I am going off to college in August. 1: is it normal to be completely terrified? I am mortified I'll fail more than excited I'm making a life for myself. 2: do you have any tips for freshmen? 3: I am going into Graphic Design. What all can I do with it? I'm sorry. These questions keep haunting me. I hope they aren't a bother.


Yes, it is completely normal. It’s a scary time, but being a grown up isn’t as bad as your parents say it is. It will feel weird for maybe like a month or two, but you will get used to it.

There are tons of CollegeSmarts tips specifically for freshmen. (They have the “Freshman” text on the left side of the tips.) Also, we have a blogwith tons of college tips. Here are a few that would specifically be helpful for a freshman:

I have a degree in graphic design, and there are always jobs available. Print design will always have a special place in my heart, but web is really where it’s at. It pays more and there are more opportunities. If I were you, I would focus on digital design like apps, websites. and games.

For several years now, Taeyeon has taken care of us and has made sure we were happy with ourselves/our lives. She has loved us sincerely and has shown us a genuine side to herself. I have never felt so loved until I became a fan of SNSD. Taeyeon has shown us so much love and support and I will forever be grateful for that. Ever since 2007, she has never once stopped showing her gratitude for us, her strength. Taeyeon has thanked us, loved us, kept us happy, and has also made us a bit sad, but that’s not important right now!!! As SONE, we should make sure she is taking care of herself as well. For 7 years, she has treated us like we were the most important people on Earth. Right now, at this moment, we should return the 7 years of care she has offered us to her. 

To have her receive this love, we should give her positive, supportive messages in several forms and ignore all of the haters bc we all know she could buy their whole family tree. We should continue watching SNSD music videos, SNSD live performances, SNSD variety shows, and we should also send the other members of SNSD positive messages to prove to them that we care about them and how well they have treated us for 7 years. 

Kim Taeyeon, 사랑합니다! Be happy, you wonderful, beautiful kid. Have fun and experience love. You deserve every ounce of love in this world. Thank you, noona! P.S. STOP APOLOGIZING!!! YOU’RE MAKING ME WANT TO THROW MY HEART UP

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